ANOTHER FENCE JUMPER: Puts the Obama’s Thanksgiving on Lockdown

Screen Shot 2015-11-27 at 9.09.37 AMHow can White House security fail so bad… again?

The man who scaled the White House fence and disrupted the Obamas’ Thanksgiving celebrations is an obsessive comic book fan who called for ‘revolution’, Daily Mail Online can reveal.

Joseph Caputo, from Stamford, Connecticut, jumped the fence while draped in the American flag on Thursday before surrendering to the Secret Service.

President Obama and his family were tucking into their turkey dinner when they were put on lockdown so armed guards could conduct a sweep of the grounds following the security breach.

Caputo – who was carrying a file binder between his teeth – has previously hosted events calling for the Constitution to be scrapped and posted a Facebook status about Thanksgiving and the Constitution just a few hours before leaping over the fence.

He had been in Washington, DC, for the last few days and had a picture taken of himself outside of the White House on Monday.

Caputo was wearing a baseball shirt, gloves and the flag as a cape when he hopped the fence. After clambering over, he held his hands up and was immediately taken into custody.

The Secret Service later found a car linked to Caputo parked three miles away from the White House. The Ford Taurus had Connecticut plates spelling ‘caputs’.

It is unclear what was inside the folder he was carrying, but based on his political ramblings online, it may have been a letter for President Obama.

In a Facebook event Caputo hosted in June to ‘discuss possible amendments to the Constitution’, he explained his political beliefs.

‘I believe that in a democracy the people lead, and that we need revolution, and that parties are a useless waste of time, meant to keep us from leading our nation as we should be by distracting us with redundant and passionate debates meant to keep us bickering with one another,’ he said.

The comic book obsessive’s recent Facebook activity includes a status about the Constitution and posting pictures of the Avengers, Spider-Man and Doctor Who.

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