ANOTHER REPUBLICAN IN THE BID: George Pataki, Former Gov. of NY, Announces his Race for the White House

Screen Shot 2015-05-28 at 10.15.55 AMIs it possible to have too many options for the Republican primary elections? We may have just hit that point.

George Pataki, the former three-term Republican governor of New York, announced in a video Thursday that he is officially running for president. The question for him now, faced with an ever-growing pool of competition and new polling showing his support as negligible, is if anyone will notice.

Pataki’s campaign-announcement video tries to pack in everything that he’d like voters to know about him. “As governor of New York, George Pataki led during the worst terrorist attack the U.S. had seen on American soil,” a slide reads, as one of many allusions to the September 11 terrorist attacks. He cares about “We the People” and not partisan politics. He ties his tie like he means it, with his wife at his side. He’s the kind of guy who tells a group of people assembled at the New Hampshire American Legion, “God bless you all, and lunch is on me.” And there are quick visual nods to the American flag, Abraham Lincoln, the moon walk, the WWII flag-raising at Iwo Jima, and the 9/11 Tribute in Light.

But despite the four-minute-long video, it’s hard to say what George Pataki is doing running for president. Pataki, who finished his run as governor at the end of 2006, has toyed with campaigns in the past. But this is the first time he’s actually jumping in, even though the Republican field is already crowded and his own national recognition has relatively faded.

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