Another Soros Funded Protest Breaks Out in Time to Demand for Sessions’ Resignation

It’s almost like he knew they were going to have a protest for this. Or Soros is lighting fast at planning. Either way, here is another Soros-funded protest. We wonder if even the protesters are same. Soros just flies them from place to place.

By Aaron Klein

Right on cue, the George Soros-financed progressive activist group on Thursday organized a protest outside the U.S. Department of Justice building calling for the resignation of Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

The protest was organized fairly quickly. It was held mere hours after reports surfaced that Sessions held two conversations with the Russian ambassador to the U.S. while he was Alabama’s senator and served on the Armed Services Committee.  Sessions maintains that the conversations did not concern the 2016 presidential campaign.  He served as an informal advisor to Trump during the presidential race.

Mother Jones reported the crowd at the protest was about 100.  ABC’s Local affiliate in Washington, DC reported “hundreds” attended.

Among the speakers was Rep. Sheila Jackson (D-TX), who proclaimed, “False testimony counters any right you have to remain Attorney General of the United States of America.”

The industrious also organized an online petition titled, “Sessions must go; special prosecutor must be appointed now.”

The petition, already signed by 158,000 people, states:

The only way for Americans to be able to trust that our government can act with integrity — to know that our top leaders aren’t compromised by a foreign power, and to trust that the nation’s top cop follows the law that he is duty-bound to enforce — is for Attorney General Sessions to resign his post immediately and for his successor to appoint a special prosecutor to begin a comprehensive investigation of Donald Trump, his campaign, and his administration.

Today’s anti-Sessions protest marks the latest attempt by Soros-linked groups to impede Trump administration policies or target top administration officials.


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