ANTI-GUN BRITISH REPORTER: Asks U.S. Veteran if He is ‘Proud’ to Live in Our Country, His Response will Have You Cheering [WATCH]

The audacity of this ‘journalist’.

When asked if he was “proud” of the number of Americans who die by gunshot wounds every year, a U.S. veteran said he didn’t know how to answer due to the phrasing of the question.

Instead, during an appearance on Britain’s Channel 4 News, Armed American Radio reporter Neil McCabe argued that Americans, including himself, do not have an obligation to be a victim of an attack.

The exchange between McCabe and Channel 4 reporter John Snow began when the British journalist asked, “are you proud of a country that manages to see the deaths of 13,338 people from gun shot wounds from guns fired by civilians in your country in one year?”

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McCabe refused to answer the question and instead asserted that he was a proud veteran of the war in Iraq and could not be held responsible for that statistic.

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