Are Anti-Hunters Racist? Anti-Hunting Policies are Destroying Tribes in Africa, Leaving them Unemployed and Homeless

Editor’s Note: The tribesmen in Africa are very skilled at hunting and tracking animals. Hunting guides have employed them for years. Make hunting illegal and you leave them unemployed, with no alternative employment. Watch this video and see what the anti-hunters are doing to the tribes in Africa. It makes you wonder, are the anti-hunters racist?

Question: What do you think would happen to a conservative white dude with a high public profile, like Ted Nugent, if he supported pro-hunting policies in Africa that openly jackhammered black people?

What if, hypothetically speaking, what he backed up directly destroyed their lands and livelihood and their entire way of life?

Not only that, but what if these policies actually pushed them off their tribal properties?  What if they were shoved off their properties by dudes in helicopters and Land Rovers, at gunpoint, and then their villages were burned down?

What do you think the Anti-Hunters would call Nugent?  Uh … maybe a … “racist?”  I think so.

He’d probably have Al Sharpton come out and publicly condemn him with a sweaty, bombastic, James Brown-like press conference.  In addition, Kanye West would do a presser claiming, “Ted, like George W. Bush, hates black people,”  Rachel Maddow would devote a few segments to Nugent’s professional destruction, and Whoopie Goldberg would have a cow on The View, pointing out Ted’s unforgivable and xenophobic proclivities.

You and I both know that the Nuge’s career would be history — being doomed to live with the ignoble Scarlet Letter of “R for racist” for the rest of his life. Plus, the policies and organizations that were detrimental to blacks in Africa would be summarily crapped on and vilified for all eternity — the Anti-Hunting Leftists would make certain about that.

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