Anti-Trump Protester in the Hospital After He Tried to Set Himself on FIRE

fireNo dude, you aren’t a Buddhist monk. And your cause is definitely not as dire. People, if you are protesting Trump, we advise you not do this. Because it’s stupid.

By Will Kirby

The incident happened at around 9.30pm local time on Wednesday evening, when several items were set on fire on the street outside the billionaire’s hotel on Pennsylvania Avenue, just a short distance from the White House in Washington.

Speaking to NBC 4, the man said: “I was trying to light myself on fire as an act of protest.

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“To protest the fact that we’re electing somebody who’s completely incapable of respecting the Constitution of the United States.”

The man – who claims to be from California – was rushed to the burns treatment area of a local hospital.

His injuries are not thought to be serious.

Hotel employees contacted police after noticing the man trying to set himself on fire, according to a journalist at the scene.


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