Anti-Trump Protester Shot in Groin With Tear-Gas Canister During Phoenix Rally [Video]

One anti-Trump protester made a major mistake when confronting Police officers trying to contain the Phoenix rally against the president on Tuesday night.

The protests turned into fighting with the law enforcement officers and one punk thought it would be ok to kick back a tear gas canister at the police. Here is a hint: actions come with consequences… especially when acting against the po-po.

Moments after the Trump hater kicked the can back, you see the man stepping back. The CBS 5 reporting captures images of another man flicking off the police in the background, as the original perpetrator suddenly has a cloud of smoke mushrooming from his groin and doubled over in pain… eventually falling to the floor.

We will pause for a moment to let the laughter subside.

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The reporter mistook the tear-gas-can for a rubber bullet. ‘A guy just got shot with a rubber bullet,’ remarked one host.

‘So… er… yeah, the officers are not, are not messing around at all,’ the host stuttered as the stricken protester was assisted away by a fellow protester.

Via the Daily Mail: He was just one of many caught up in the post-rally violence, as cops used nonlethal methods to disperse crowds who had thrown rocks and bottles at them.

The clash occurred after Trump came through the city for a rally to fire up his supporters — he was successful as the number of fans greatly outnumbered the anti-Trump protesters.

Supporters and opponents alike gathered in the 107-degree heat, but it was only after the rally that violence broke out.

Police say that protesters threw water bottles and rocks at their lines, causing them to respond in kind with tear gas, pepper spray, rubber bullets and pepper balls.

Clouds of the gas filled the night air as the president’s supporters began leaving the downtown Phoenix Convention Center.

Police Chief Jeri Williams announced that evening, around 11:20pm, that three people had been arrested on protesting related charges.

She also said one person was taken into custody on an unrelated warrant; two officers had to be treated for heat exhaustion.


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