Antifa Chick Wails After Cops Arrest Her and Remove Her Mask [VIDEO]

Berkely, the home of Antifa, is stirring up in violence once again.

The protesters, along with Democratic Socialists of America, descended upon Martin Luther King Jr. Civic Center Park in Berkeley, Calif. to demonstrate against a “March Against Marxism” rally… which never took place.

The ‘peaceful’ protesters dressed in all black and waving red flags have reportedly assaulted ‘ bystanders and turned their ire on largely passive police officers who were standing by to monitor the situation,’ reports the Daily Caller. Majority of the anarchists are calling for the overthrow of the U.S. government. ‘Some carried rainbow banners with recent tweets by Chelsea Manning like “We Got This,”’ the publication reported.

The “March Against Marxism” was a planned protest that had nothing to do with the alt-right, but it was canceled after receiving threats from the militant leftist group By Any Means Necessary (BAMN). BAMN claimed it was a “neo-Nazi” rally, but the rally itself was organized by a transgender woman and other like-minded people who opposed the spread of Marxism in Berkeley.

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Even though the event was cancelled, some of the supporters showed up to interact with Antifa, but that went south quickly. They were harassed and assaulted.

On Sunday social media footage spread like a wild fire after an Antifa mob bombarded a small group of these “March Against Marxism” supporters. It has been reported the police were told to stand down and retreat. As you can imagine the situation just got worse from there.

Journalists were not spared either. A local Fox affiliate was attacked on camera by a chick apparently roleplaying as Che Guavara. You can hear Antifa members yelling “Take his camera! Take his phone!”

What was interesting though is that leftists stepped in to help some of those protesters being attacked by Antifa, so to prevent serious injury to the targeted people.

Finally the police attempted to disperse the chaos and launched some smoke grenades.

Berkeley police have released a statement saying 14 people have been arrested thus far.

Here is video of one of those Antifa swine getting arrested.

Via 100percentfedup:

We had an exclusive conversation with a Bernie Sanders supporter who is also a Berkeley resident, who was beaten bloody after feeling compelled to step in help and defend the free speech rights of Trump supporters. The Sanders supporter was shocked to see that one of the Soros supported, Antifa thugs who attacked him was a woman. Although he didn’t agree with everything they stood for, he still believed they had the right to free speech and that the Antifa thugs, Black Lives Matter and BAMN (By Any Means Necessary) had no business using violence or the threat of violence to silence them.

Watch how the “tough woman” who was wearing a mask, responded to the Berkeley police officers who, according the Bernie Sanders supporter we talked to, had mostly moved to the perimeter of the violence and were allowing it to happen. For anyone who has a hard time believing that women are a part of this violent group, watch this disgusting thug cry like a baby while disrespecting the Berkeley police officers who arrested her.


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