Anything for Political Gain? Rick Scott Returns Adopted Dog he used During 2010 Election Campaign

Screenshot 2014-06-09 at 9.08.29 AM[Editor’s Note: Though Rick does say they returned the dog due to it’s behavior, they owned him for a year. If the family was truly concerned about the dog’s behavior, I doubt they would have kept him that long. This canine seemed to be used for political gain. Read the details and decide.]

Rick Scott, the governor of Florida, rescued a Labrador retriever during the 2010 GOP campaign, but gave him back after he was inaugurated, it was revealed Monday.

The Republican governor only had the dog, Reagan, for the duration of his gubernatorial campaign, and gave the retriever back after he was sworn into office.

Scott had adopted the retriever shortly after his GOP nomination two years ago. The candidate posted photos of the dog to his Facebook campaign website, asking constituents to help name the newest member of his family.

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They decided on Reagan, after the 40th president of the U.S.

Scott was routinely congratulated for adopting a rescue and not buying a purebred, such as President Obama’s dog, Bo, a Portuguese water dog.

However, reporters from the Tampa Bay Times noticed that Reagan had not been seen since Scott’s 2011 inauguration.

After some digging, the reporters realized there were no photos of Reagan since before the election. Images  of the dog had been removed from Scott’s gubernatorial campaign website as well.

Last Wednesday, they reached out to Gov. Schott’s campaign communications director Brian Burgess, who said: ‘Take it in the bank I’m getting you every bit of info I can lay my hands on,’ adding that there would be ‘the potential for a PR nightmare’ if no information was received on the canine.

Not satisfied with the response, the reporters dug further and contacted Melissa Sellers, Scott’s current communications director.

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