APPLE FACES U.S. APPEAL: Feds Try to Force iPhone Unlock in ANOTHER Case

Screen Shot 2016-03-08 at 8.49.51 AMThere are now two cases of the federal government trying to get Apple to unlock an iPhone. Both iPhones have different operating systems. Are the feds really looking to get them unlocked or are they wanting to own the unlocking code?

US authorities are appealing against a judge’s decision not to order Apple to unlock an iPhone in a drugs case.

The Justice Department is relying on the same law as the one in its fight with Apple over the encrypted phone belonging to the San Bernardino gunman.

It has gone to a higher court after a Brooklyn judge said he had no power to give the order.

Apple said the order would be the start of a “slippery slope that threatens everyone’s safety and privacy”.

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In the original hearing, the US government asked Judge James Orenstein to order Apple to open up a locked phone belonging to Jun Feng, who has pleaded guilty to participation in a methamphetamine distribution conspiracy. The Justice Department wants to use the device to find any of his co-conspirators.

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