Arabic Students Attack Jewish Classmate: ‘Hitler was good, because he killed Jews’

Seems like anti-Semitism is building up again in Germany, but this time it is coming from the Muslim migrants who’ve overrun the country.

The incident took place at Ernst Reuter High School during lunch break on December 13th, when a group of students were discussing President Trump’s move to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.

The report claims one Jewish student, 18, said during this discussion he stood against the Palestinian state. This caused the Arabic students involved in the debate to surround him and start yelling anti-Semitic slurs.  Witnesses reported hearing a girl yell, “Hitler was good! Because he killed the Jews.”

The Jewish student himself reported to the Juedische Allgemeine Weekly that he heard “You are child killers” and “they should cut off your heads,” when they surrounded him.

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The principal of the Berlin school, Andreas Huth, made a statement on the school’s website condemning the actions of the Arabic students saying the incident revealed an “anti-Semitic, anti-Jewish and anti-Israel attitude against which we have reacted, and will continue to do so.”

Via Israel National News: New measures would be taken to ensure that such incidents not be swept under the rug, Huth said, including counseling for victims, investigation of legal options and training for teachers. Huth said his school “would not tolerate any form of discrimination, against anyone. … Our mission statement commits us to promoting a tolerant and respectful” environment.

Before speaking to journalists, the Jewish student — who has attended the school for two years — reported the incident to the principal, who said he would protect the student, according to the Jewish newspaper. Even before the incident, the boy reportedly was avoiding spending his recess hours in the schoolyard out of fear of being attacked.

Huth said in his online post that he was upset that any student was “subjected to discrimination” and emphasized his dedication to “counter anti-Semitism in all its manifestations.”

The case comes amid heightened attention in Berlin to anti-Semitism among Muslims here. Recent demonstrations in response to the US announcement backing Jerusalem as Israel’s capital were marked by the burning of Israeli flags and calls for “death to Jews.”


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