Arizona: Governor Signs Bill to Establish State Volunteer Militia, Separate from National Guard

volunteerFor those who get a little freaked out by state militias, check this out.

Towards the end of April 2011, AZ Governor Jan Brewer quietly signed into a law a bill that would allow for the establishment of a volunteer state militia, which would be separate from the National Guard.

The bill does say that the force can be an armed force and would be called up the Governor.

Some funding for the National Guard stationed along Arizona’s Mexican border will be expiring this year and supporters of the bill hope the governor will call up a militia to help secure borders.

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The bill gives the governor great power in when to use the militia.

Part of the bill, SB1495 reads as follows:

If the national guard of Arizona or a major portion thereof is called into active federal service, or if the national guard or a major portion thereof is alerted for federal service OR FOR ANY OTHER REASON THE GOVERNOR CONSIDERS TO BE NECESSARY, the governor may establish an armed force for the safety and protection of the lives and property of the citizens of the state which shall be known as the Arizona state guard.



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