Arkansas Might Remove the Clinton’s Name from Their Airport — Should They Do It?

And to this we say AMEN! Do you agree with stripping the name? The Clintons haven’t really done anything that is praise worthy.

By Steve Barnes

The largest and busiest airport in Arkansas would no longer be named after the only president and first lady from the state if a bill introduced in the legislature on Thursday succeeds.

The legislation would prohibit public buildings or civil works from being named for anyone living or who served in public office in the 10 years prior to the structure’s completion.

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The bill makes no mention of former President Bill Clinton or former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, for whom the Little Rock airport was re-named four years ago – as Bill and Hillary Clinton National Airport/Adams Field – but its author does not hesitate to identify its target.

“You have a president who was impeached for having an affair with an intern in the Oval Office and then disbarred,” said state Sen. Jason Rapert, the bill’s author and one of the Arkansas legislature’s most outspoken conservatives.


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