Armed Citizen Defends 2 Kids From Home Invader

A report coming from St. Charles Police Department has revealed a man defended his homestead, killing a man attempting a home invasion in a St. Louis suburb.

The department told FOX 2 they received a call of a home invasion at an apartment complex around 5:45pm, inside were the man and two children.

Luckily the homeowner was armed and ready; whom shot and killed the invader.

According to Lt. Chad Fisk of the St. Charles Police Department the children had no physical harm done to them during the incident.

“They were actually in a back bedroom, it’s my understanding,” Fisk said. “They may have heard some things, so we’d like to speak with them obviously also.”

Family members are currently taking care of the children, added Fisk.

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According to KSDK there may be a factor of drugs or alcohol, which officials are investigating. They are also trying to figure out if there was a previous relationship between the homeowner and invader.


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