Armed Intruder Breaks into Family’s Apartment, Tries Raping Daughter — Enter the Pissed Off Father…

An armed intruder broke into a family’s home, attempting to rape the daughter… but the father wasn’t going to let that happened.

Doing what every father should do he proceeded to kick the intruder’s a**, leaving him a bloodied mess.

The suspect, who was wearing all black, jumped on to the girl’s bed and threatened her with a knife.

At 5am, yesterday in Greeley, CO, the intruder demanded her to have sex with him.

The report states the girl was able to escape him and alert her father of the problem.

Details of how she was able to escape are unknown, but because she was able to she saved herself from a traumatic event.

Fox31 reports that the dad wrestled the stranger and was stabbed in the process, as the two men fought for control over the knife.

According to the Daily Mail: A trail of blood led from the apartment to the parking lot, police have revealed, and the attacker suffered a cut to his neck.

The hero dad was stabbed in the abdomen and required surgery at North Colorado Medical Center. The young girl, described as a juvenile, was not physically hurt.

The attacker is still on the loose.



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