‘Arms Teacher’ Bill: Anti-Gun Media Attacks Missouri Bill

constitution_gun_control_thinkstock 280As reported Wednesday, the anti-gun media in Missouri continues taking swings at Senate Bill 656, which was passed overwhelmingly by both the Missouri Senate and House of Representatives.  Media outlets are attempting to make SB 656 into a bill that arms teachers.

SB 656 contains many Second Amendment-related issues and advances Second Amendment rights and public safety.  What SB 656 does, is allow school districts to make a decision on whether or not to designate teachers and administrators as a school protection officer.  In order to be designated, school personnel would be required to take Missouri’s Peace Officer Standards and Training (POST) certification to become a Missouri certified police officer.

Again, these programs would not be mandatory.  Each candidate to be designated as a school protection officer must undergo training, which exceeds one hundred hours.  This bill also specifically states “Any teacher or administrator of an elementary or school who seeks to be designated as a school protection officer shall request such designation in writing, and submit it to the superintendent of the school district which employs him or her as a teacher or administrator.”  From here, a rigorous approval process would take place, which requires the school board to conduct a public hearing on whether or not the specific teacher or administrator should be designated as a school protection officer.

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