The Art of War: How to Capitalize on Obama Blunders in 2014

imageAs liberal blunders go, 2013 was a very good year. Obamacare continues to provide the instruments for its own demise. The more Americans learn what they are in for, the more Obama’s poll numbers drop. By the time Hillary starts dustin’ off her campaign trail pumps, individuals who nonchalantly ignored the call to sign up for Obamacare will be hit with a $695 fine and families—$2,085 per household.

Pair that with the economic slowdown, lost jobs and decreased wages that will inevitably result from the law and conservative candidates playing their cards right in 2014 will have the sun at their back.

Their course heading is the number 21. In 2014 there are 21 Democrat seats up for reelection in the senate. Winning as many of those seats as possible and maintaining (or improving) the 14 Republican ones up for grabs is the goal. There is no way to do that by making the same arguments and protests that have been made in previous years.

Strategy is needed. Returning to the old master, Sun Tzu, conservatives can gain timeless wisdom used for hundreds of years to win wars. If conservatives are clever in 2014, we will make a huge dent in the liberal machine. In the coming weeks, I will be applying Sun Tzu’s strategies towards the conservative message in an effort to build a working plan for 2014.

Part 1: Laying plans

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The general who loses a battle makes but few calculations beforehand. Thus do many calculations lead to victory, and few calculations lead to defeat…It is by attention to this point that I can foresee who is likely to win or lose. ~ Sun Tzu, “The Art of War”

For conservatives, communication is a major weakness, while it is improving through individual efforts, we need big ideas for 2014. The areas where liberals have a communications stronghold are the mainstream media, Hollywood, and education. Winning will require combatting these issues with finesse, not protests. There is no need to compromise on values, but there is a dire need to learn to communicate the benefits of the conservative message to voters.

The competition is keen on saying what people want to hear. Conservatives will have to strategize about telling people what they need to hear and make them like it. This will have to come from small grassroots efforts and high impact media campaigns.

The Mainstream Media

Mainstream media took a credibility hit in 2013. They backed Obamacare with all the energy and force of a Jonestown Kool-aid drinker and quickly engaged in damage control once they finally discovered that government bureaucracy is synonymous with incompetence. As the “we told ya so’s” stacked up, the media had to acknowledge the facts:

  • Five million Americans lost their health insurance because of this system.
  • Everyone but Congress, unions, and Obama’s exempted playmates saw their premiums go up if they were able to keep their insurance.
  • The government engaged in an embarrassingly transparent campaign to win over millennials that failed.
  • And in the end, the ACA website was the perfect metaphor for how terrible of an idea the law was.

In addition to the Obamacare-Media reality check, earlier in 2013 the DOJ targeted journalists by seizing phone records from Verizon and email data from Google. The media outrage was amusing to watch, but short-lived. To imagine that an administration for which they’d provided years of free advertising actually targeted THEM was a shocker.

Combatting the mainstream media in 2014 will be about demonstrating how stupid they actually are and making people feel stupid for trusting them. It seems like an easy task, but these types of opportunities have arisen before and conservatives have squandered them. One thing is for certain, we cannot let them live down a single mistake because it is unlikely that they will suddenly become more honest in 2014.


If you watched the Time Square New Years countdown, you understand the problem of Hollywood. This is shallow America. They care more about the latest Kim and Kanye gossip than what goes on Washington. The more celebrities that endorse a candidate, the more young MTV watchers will vote for them, if they aren’t doing anything that day…OMG like totally.

The sad truth is, the best way to handle the Hollywood drone type of any age is to encourage them not to vote. When voting is a fashion statement, it’s potentially a liberal vote. You might start with something like, “Why vote? It won’t make a difference!”


Of course the alternative to encouraging liberalized MTV youth to avoid the polls this year, is attempting the grueling work of reeducating them. This effort will be better spent, however, targeting individuals who have a major stake in the economic and social health of the nation: homeowners, taxpayers, families, and individuals who actually work for a living. If they have somehow missed the flashing neon signs pointing to Obama’s year of failures, take the time to explain how it will effect them. This will have the most impact. If they are capable of engaging in deeper debates, demonstrate the weakness of liberal ideology. Obama has given plenty of evidence to accomplish this.

Individuals must know what conservative principles can do for them. This is where conservatives have failed in the past six years. We have been on the defensive most of the time, but now that the Democrats have handed us example after example of what big government can do for us (namely record our phone calls and cancel our health insurance), we need Vince Lombardi offensive genius. That cannot come from being angry or emotional, but it will come from being strategic, intelligent, and relentless.

What do you see as the major ideas conservatives need to strategize on for 2014?

Next time: Waging war

“A wise general makes a point of foraging on the enemy. One cartload of the enemy’s provisions is equivalent to twenty of one’s own.” ~Sun Tzu


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