Artist Who Painted Obama’s Portrait LOVES to Paint White Women Being Beheaded

Kehinde Wiley is the man behind former President Barack Hussein Obama’s presidential portrait. It’s not your typical presidential portrait, nor is the artist.

The piece was unveiled on Monday at the Smithsonian’s National Portrait Gallery, but what most people don’t realize is Wiley has an unnerving past of painting violent beheadings of white women.

Primarily known for painting black people, Wiley was selected by the Obamas last year to be in charge of the former president’s portrait.

The Guardian asked about the moment when Obama contacted him to do the portrait and Wiley’s response was a bit strange.

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“I can’t,” Wiley said. “I’d like to. I can tell you that I’m the first African-American artist to create the portrait of the president. It’s a huge responsibility.”

One wonders why Obama even chose this artist to begin with. Since all his previous portraits show violence towards white women, with black people beheading them:

According to The Guardian, Wiley was recreating European masterpieces of Biblical scenes, replacing the main characters by race and gender.

Wiley painted former first lady Michelle Obama, which was also unveiled on Monday. Critics were harsh on social media, pointing out that the painting looked nothing like her:

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