Attempted robbery turns deadly: Intended victim kills one, sends two fleeing

23460133_BG1-240x300An attempted robbery in Beaumont, Texas, Tuesday night didn’t fare so well for the suspects when the intended victim pulled out his own gun. A shop owner shot and killed one of the suspects and sent the other two running in the opposite direction, according to local reports.

It was just after 9 p.m. when the owner of a game room and his mother had closed up and were headed out for the night. As they sat in the man’s truck outside his business, they were approached by three men, who attempted to rob them at gunpoint.

Only the business owner had his own handgun and after a brief exchange of gunfire, the suspects fled the scene.

When officers later arrived, they found 25-year-old Duayne Deandre-Devon Smith about 100 feet from where the attempted robbery had occurred. Smith was dead from an apparent gunshot wound. Police did not state how many times he was struck or where the wounds were.

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However, the entire incident was caught on the game room’s surveillance video.

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