Audio: Former Clinton Advisor, ‘Red Wave’ Of Democrat Party’s Blood to Come

During an interview on New York AM 970 radio’s “The Cats Roundtable”, a former adviser to President Bill Clinton said on Sunday that the 2018 midterm elections will not have a “blue wave” the Democrats are hoping for.

Dick Morris opined to the host John Catsimatidis that Liberals have overplayed their hand by targeting President Donald Trump on scandals with no real basis behind them.

Morris said,”I think that [Democrats] see fool’s gold in these scandals. They’re putting everything behind the Stormy Daniels scandal and Michael Cohen … and the country doesn’t give a damn.”

And then the political commentator made his prediction. “There is no blue wave coming,” Morris stated. “There is a red wave. And what makes it red is the blood of the Democratic Party.”

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Only time will tell if Morris is right, however there are some clues surfacing for the public to see.

Reuters published a poll showing millennials are abandoning the DNC by the masses and another from the Morning Consult showed they are in big trouble this coming November, with the potential to lose nine seats to the Republicans. Both these sources are left leaning publications too.

Let’s hope and pray they are right!


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