AUDIO TO DISPATCH: ‘Shots Fired. Subject Is Down. He Grabbed My Taser.’

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As this case continues to unravel, it’s not looking good for the officer involved.

Patrolman Michael Slager told his colleagues that the unarmed black father-of-four had ‘grabbed my Taser,’ just moments after shooting him dead.

In the chilling audio recording the officer tells the dispatcher: ‘Shots fire. subject is down. He grabbed my Taser.’

The 33-year-old patrolman has been charged with murder after 50-year-old Walter Scott was gunned down last Saturday in North Charleston, South Carolina.

The recording was released as it was revealed that the officer was allowed to stay with the force, despite being the subject of a complaint that alleged he used excessive force on an unarmed man.

Police are now reviewing the earlier case in light of the shooting of Mr Scott.

Eyewitness accounts said Scott was involved in a brief scuffle on the ground with the officer who pulled his car over for having a broken tail light.

Mr Scott can be seen being shot five times in the back as he ran away from the armed officer in video footage that was captured on a mobile phone at the scene.

The incident started at 9.53am when officer Slager radioed into his control saying that he was pulling over a grey coloured Mercedes.

Minutes later he appears out of breath as he describes chasing a suspect on foot, who he says is black and wearing a green t-shirt.

This is followed by a period of no contact from the patrolmen, despite colleagues en-route to assist asking for his location.

Slager then makes a further frantic call to dispatchers at 9.38am after firing eight shots at Mr Scott.

‘Shots fired. Subject is down. He grabbed my Taser,’

After shooting Mr Scott, Slager can be heard telling his control: ‘I need to secure my vehicle.’

A second officer, named as Clarence Habersham, then uses his radio to report that the victim has gunshot wounds to his chest, right side, and backside.

Slager, 33, who is white, initially defended his actions, saying he feared for his life after he alleged Mr Scott had wrestled his Taser from him during a scuffle.

But four days later, anonymous cellphone footage emerged that contradicted his account of events.

The video showed the officer firing eight shots at Mr Scott from around 20 feet away while he had his back turned and was fleeing.

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