Austin Bomber Dead — Blows Himself Up

Mark Anthony Conditt, 24, has been identified as the Austin, TX., serial bomber. He killed himself by detonating one of his own bombs inside his car as police surrounded him.

This occurred early Wednesday morning near a hotel on Interstate 35, just north of Austin in Round Rock, at about 2:00am.

Conditt was revealed as the bomber after authorities found CCTV footage of him at a FedEx office posting two packages.

Police are warning that even though Conditt is dead there could potentially be more bombs out there, as they do not know if he posted more explosives before killing himself.

Via Daily Mail: President Donald Trump, who was earlier criticized for failing to speak out over the shootings, tweeted ‘Austin bombing suspect is dead’ on Wednesday morning. ‘Great job by law enforcement and all concerned,’ he added.

The bomber had gone on a three week bombing spree stretching back to March 2. The series of bombings killed two people and injured at least five others. The most recent package bomb detonated at a FedEx distribution center near San Antonio early Tuesday.

Police still do not know the motive behind the attacks or whether the bomber had an accomplice, but did say he wasn’t previously known to law enforcement.

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Conditt was home-schooled growing up before graduating from Austin Community College. He had purchased a property in the Austin suburb of Pflugerville last year and neighbors told the Statesman that he had been living in that home prior to the bombings.

The bomber previously worked as a computer repair technician and authorities believe Conditt built all the bombs himself.

Austin Police Chief Brian Manley said officers used CCTV, cell phone data, witness accounts and store receipts to track the bomber to the hotel north of the city.

When officers arrived at the hotel, the man was sitting inside his vehicle and police called for backup before they attempted to make an arrest.

As reinforcements were arriving the man left the hotel and police followed him. The suspect pulled off the city’s main highway, forcing officers to confront him on a stretch of road leading on to the I-35 highway.

Two Austin police officers were approaching his vehicle when he detonated a bomb.  

One officer fired at the vehicle and the other sustained a minor injury after being thrown back when the bomb went off. 

His death comes just hours after security footage showed Conditt at a south Austin FedEx office. He can be seen wearing a disguise and delivering two packages around 19:30, Sunday evening. The footage reveals he was wearing some sort of gloves, possibly latex.

One of those packages was the bomb that went off outside of San Antonio, at the FedEx sorting facility. The second parcel, which had a bomb in it, was intercepted at a building near the Austin airport.



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