Austin Bomber’s 25min Confession Tape

Mark Anthony Conditt, 23, filmed a video confession on his phone just hours before he was killed by police, as it has been revealed Conditt used alias Kelly Killmore to ship his FedEx bombs.

The ‘troubled’ serial bomber blew himself up in his car as police surrounded him by a hotel in Round Rock, TX., off of Interstate 35.

This all took place at 2:00am on Wednesday and during an evening press conference later that day, Austin Police Chief Brian Manley revealed that Conditt knew the police were closing in on him, which is why he made the video.

The bomber comes from a strong Christian home, and the family had no clue of his problems.

‘What is clear from listening to that video, is that this was very troubled young man who was talking about the challenges in his life that led him to take the actions he took,’ Manley said.

The chief also added that there were no mentions of terrorism or hate in the footage.

‘There were also indications of actions he was willing to take in the future,’ Manley continued.

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Manley went on to state that Conditt spoke thoroughly about each bomb and the differences between them, showing he was confident the authorities had accounted for all of the explosive devices.

‘We still want our community to remain vigilant, but I want to let the community know he mentioned seven explosive devices, and we have identified those devices and those are no longer in play. We can account for every bomb, and he did individually identify each bomb.’

Via the Daily Mail: Manley said that police were still trying to understand the motive behind the bombings – and that the phone recording offers a key insight into why Conditt embarked on the killing spree.

‘He doesn’t mention anything about terrorism or anything about hate. It’s an outcry of a challenged young man,’ he explained.

The chief said that Conditt did not explain why he’d targeted his specific victims.

‘There were no indications of why these specific addresses, or those that were placed in the community, there was no reasons given for why he selected those individuals.’

The FBI said at the press conference that they were confident that suspect would have continued to cause more death and destruction if he hadn’t been caught.

FBI Special Agent in Charge Christopher Combs: ‘You literally had Austin police running toward a vehicle that had explosives in it. Those are real heroes.’

The Texas DA confirmed that if he had been taken alive, Conditt would have been facing the death penalty.



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