AWKWARD: Bernie & Pharrell RELUCTANTLY Join Hillary on Her Final Push

Pharrell recently called her ‘dishonest’. So this was probably an event he would have liked to skip. And Bernie. Oh, poor Bernie. During the rally, the crowed was chanting his name. And during the whole event, he looked so uncomfortable. He was probably wishing he was anywhere but next to Hillary.

After early signs that she may not be getting the numbers she needs out of younger and minority voters in battleground North Carolina, Hillary Clinton brought musician Pharrell Williams and former rival senator Bernie Sanders to fire up young people, minorities, and women voters.

‘So tell me this, North Carolina: Are you really really happy that we’re here tonight?’ Clinton told a cheering crowd of supporters.

From the way she embraced her one time primary rival, it wasn’t entirely clear Clinton was happy to be campaigning by Sanders’ side – though the Vermont senator has been campaigning for her tirelessly in the campaign’s final days.

After an awkward embrace, Sanders delivered a long speech making the case for Clinton – where off the bat he made the point that the race is ‘not about Hillary Clinton’ but about a series of issues that he, and she, campaigned on.

‘Despite what media may tell you this campaign is not about Hillary Clinton. It is not about Donald Trump. It is not about Bill Clinton,’ he continued.

‘This campaign is about you,’ Sanders said.

Acknowledging that his preferred candidate might not be the cool kid in the race, Sanders said: ‘And this campaign is not a personality contest. We’re not voting for high school president. We’re voting for the most powerful leader in the entire world.’

‘And what this campaign must be about is which candidate has the experience and the vision to work for the middle class and the working class and the families of our country. Without a shadow of a doubt that candidate is Hillary Clinton our next president,’ Sanders said.

Clinton hailed ‘these two extraordinary men’ after getting saluted by both of them. Then she borrowed President Obama’s slogan, saying, ‘I feel all fired up and ready to go for the next five days.’

According to hacked emails that appeared on WikiLeaks, Clinton’s campaign wasn’t always so sanguine about Sanders. Campaign chair John Podesta responded to one email by saying of Sanders, ‘Where would you stick the knife?’

Introducing Clinton, Sanders returned to the wealth and equality based themes of his campaign. ‘We are not gonna become an oligarchy,’ said Sanders, whose attacks on income inequality allowed him to run a spirited primary against Clinton that had the Clinton operation running scared.

‘And this campaign is not a personality contest. We’re not voting for high school president,’ Sanders told a cheering crowd of about 4,000 in the university town.

He blasted the ‘grotesque level’ of income inequality, and said ‘nobody can make it’ on the $7.25 federal minimum wage, which he called a ‘starvation wage.’

He added, ‘You can’t make it on $10 an hour,’ he said. Sanders noted there is one candidate ‘who has pledged to make the minimum wage a living wage’ – Clinton, although he didn’t mention the ‘fight for $15.’

In a campaign that has lately devolved into a series of charges of sexism, assault, and corruption between Trump and Clinton, Sanders ran through the gamut of liberal issues he campaigned on, including paid family leave, rebuilding ‘crumbling infrastructure,’ and other issues he campaigned on.

He said Clinton would deliver ‘tuition free’ college – which he termed a ‘pretty revolutionary idea.’


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