AWKWARD: Hill and Bill Set to Attend Trump’s Inauguration

hill-and-billDoes she want to live through Trump? Or is she just going to cry through the whole thing? If that’s the case, she can just stay home. We know Bill is just going to hunt down the poor interns.

Hillary Clinton has been keeping a low profile since the election, only appearing at public events for the Children’s Defense Fund and a tribute to Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid. But she doesn’t really have a choice about attending the inauguration; the last time a new president was inaugurated, Barack Obama’s inauguration on January 20, 2009, every former living president attended, including Jimmy Carter, George H.W. Bush, Bill Clinton and George W. Bush.George W. Bush has already confirmed that he and his wife Laura will attend the event.

Thus Bill Clinton and Barack Obama will likely be there, making it hugely awkward for Hillary to skip the event while her husband sits there without her.

And of course, there is the long-standing friendship between Trump and the Clintons, which took a real hit during the election. The Clintons were guests at Trump’s weddingto Melania Trump in 2005. As Maureen Dowd wrote in The New York Times:

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Trump once told me that he rebuilt the club, in part, because he knew Bill Clinton would need a place to play. As Don Van Natta Jr., an ESPN senior writer, wrote in his book about presidents and golf, “First Off the Tee,” Trump enjoyed playing with the ex-president. “He’s got a lot of golf talent, but he really likes those mulligans,” Trump told Van Natta. “If he misses a shot, he wants to take another crack at it. It’s like life.”


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