Awkward: TV Anchor Accused of Rape Gets a Little Too Excited When his Colleague Covers News Story in Her Bikini [VIDEO]

New York News
Editor’s Note: First off, it’s awkward that the news station had her jump into the lagoon like that. Secondly, Kelly needs to reel back the sexual predator vibes he gave off during that interview; you’re a married man, with kids. #getagrip

A New York City morning show correspondent who had to deliver a live report in a bikini was also forced to endure the inappropriate comments of an over-excited Fox anchor back in the studio.

One could be forgiven for thinking Good Morning New York co-host Greg Kelly, 45, had never seen a woman in a swimsuit, such was his enthusiasm for a bikini-clad Anna Gilligan, who went to New Jersey’s Action Park to try out the new Tarzan rope swing.

The segment was a lighthearted report on the park’s new attractions but became increasingly awkward as Kelly, the son of former NYPD commissioner Ray Kelly, was unable to contain his enthusiasm for Gilligan’s figure.

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I don’t know which is scarier, the ride of taking off my clothes,’ Gilligan said before stripping off her robe and swinging out over the water before letting go. 

‘Wow, here she goes – in a two-piece!’ Kelly observed as Gilligan took the plunge into the water.

She swam over the the edge of the water and emerged dripping wet to put her earpiece back in and report back on her experiences in record time, as Kelly observed, ‘Look at her, it’s like something out of a movie… Indeed.’

His co-host in the studio Rosanna Scotto urged him to ‘stay appropriate,’ but before Gilligan could get a word in, Kelly had leered, ‘Nice swimsuit,’ and asked her why she was so out of breath.

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