B-Ho’s Ruse: Forget What Snowden Uncovered

ruseIs Edward Snowden a traitor, patriot or whistleblower? You can go from website to website, news channel to news channel and get a different opinion of what he did when he revealed information that our government is spying on us.

There is a rally planned in his support. The government has revoked his passport hoping to keep him from traveling until they back him into a corner where they can reach him. Even on Fox TV there is no consistent opinion. So how do we decide which he is? I haven’t really thought much about it because I didn’t care.

I care that he brought to light the fact that our government is spying on us in even deeper ways than we expected. But I decided that I wanted to look into it a little more and see if anything changed my mind. I wanted to know if it really is important to determine whether he is a traitor, patriot or whistleblower.

For starters we have all known for years that we were being watched. Snowden simply confirmed it and confirmed that it is happening at an even deeper level than imagined. Did he reveal details of national secrets that put our security at risk?

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I could be missing something, but I’m not seeing that he has revealed things like names of spies or locations of sensitive military sites or equipment. Letting our “enemies” know they are being listened to is, I’m quite sure, not news to them.

But is Snowden a traitor for going to China to reveal his story from there? So I thought about what else he could have done instead. Did he have a choice? What would have happened if he had stayed in the U.S. to reveal his story? He, of all people, knows what kind of surveillance the government has and that they would easily know how to find him.

He would immediately be arrested and disappear under the Patriot Act with no hope of ever being seen or heard from again under the guise of “national security.” If he had gone to any other Obama-Administration-friendly country, he would still be immediately arrested and disappeared. That does seem to only leave going to a not-so-USA-friendly country.

Does it affect my opinion that Republicans like Dick Cheney call Snowden a traitor? Absolutely not. As I said in a previous article, I didn’t like the Patriot Act when it was passed then and don’t like it any better now.

It began under Cheney and the Bush administration. Of course they aren’t going to like that details of the program are revealed. They certainly can’t call Snowden a patriot for revealing that their program was too intrusive. What else could we expect them to say?

As I have been processing all this simply while writing this, I realize that I still haven’t completely made up my mind what to call him, however I have narrowed it down to patriot or whistleblower. So far anyway, I don’t think he’s a traitor. My mind could change as he reveals more information.

But right now, at this point in time, I have no trust whatsoever in our government. Obama himself considers me and people like me “the enemy” as revealed by his comments about “punishing our enemies” and “voting is the best revenge.” Knowing this makes it a little easier to put myself in Snowden’s shoes. Also, I have to admit that I am hoping that something gets revealed that can finally put this administration out of action.

But overall, my main concern is the loss of the message. I believe the Obama administration will do everything they can to dig up dirt and even set Snowden up, just to get the court of public opinion on their side and off of Snowden’s. They will do all they can to discredit him so his information will be questioned.

They need American’s to close their eyes and blindly trust them.  And we already know this “transparent” administration goes after anyone who stands in the way of their agenda. So my personal conclusion is that it doesn’t matter whether Snowden is labeled as a traitor, patriot or whistleblower. It only matters that we really keep our eyes on the ball on this one. We simply cannot let them distract us from the FACT that they are destroying our rights with their massive, unlimited intrusions into our privacy.


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