B.S. ALERT: It’s Just A Treaty …We Don’t Want Your Guns?

kerryLast Wednesday our Secretary of State John Kerry signed another Arms Trade Treaty with the United Nations. It is designed to control the flow of weapons to countries we find undesirable, murderous, or general troublemakers.

However, did you notice the word “CONTROL”. It does sign over our Constitutional rights to a foreign entity. In effect, it controls Americans behavior and attempts to supersede our Constitution. There are provisions that could be misused to do a lot more than punish faraway Theocrats and Dictators. It could easily be used to control everyday American citizens.

Most people assume it won’t make it through the House, but then again, most of us thought Obamacare wouldn’t either. Never assume, it always makes something out of you and me.

I got into an online discussion over this treaty. I’m obviously against the United States signing treaties like this, and I may or may not have insinuated that John Kerry is a Jackwagon. That triggered (no pun intended) a powerful online discussion, full of thought and critical thinking.

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I found it interesting that because I was against this treaty I was called: 1) A fool; 2) A right wing gun nut; 3) Consumed with NRA paranoia; 4) Pathetic; 5) A tin-foil hat wearer; 6) On the side of Iran, Syria, and North Korea; 7) A laughing stock; 8) Lost in a Fox News bubble; and 9) Unable to differentiate from spoon-fed paranoia and real-world realities. Wow, and that was from a family member! Well, not close family! Our Dad’s are cousins. Every family has one.

My far-out kin believes that I am living in constant fear of black helicopters from my out-of-whack belief in left-wing conspiracies. I guess I’m just another “whacko-bird”. I mean what kind of crazy person would think that maybe this government has gotten too big? Too big to fail, too big to care about the individual, and just big enough to have no problem taking away unalienable rights.

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