Baby On The Ground: Dog Finds Freshly Born Baby on Dirt Road as the Mother Watched from Her Home

Screen Shot 2014-07-30 at 8.25.55 AMEditor’s Note: Life isn’t some fairy tale. You can’t just abandon babies to be raised by some kind-hearted strangers. Did she think that they would raise the kid as she played the role of cool next-door neighbor? 

A Michigan teen authorities believe abandoned her newborn baby on the side of a dirt road just hours after its birth acted completely ignorant as she watched her neighbors discover the child.

‘She looked at us and she said ‘I am almost 15 years old and if I ever had a baby, I surely would not do something like that,’ neighbor Pam Kopp told WZZM13.

The girl, 14, who has not been identified, has yet to be hit with criminal charges.

If she is the mother, custody will be determined by Child Protective Services after the baby is released from Gerber Memorial Hospital in Fremont.

The baby was found by neighbor Jeff Kopp as he walked his dog Monday morning.

Kopp said he would not have discovered the baby if not for his dog, Buddy, pulling him in the child’s direction.

‘He brought me over to about here, and there’s when I saw what (looked like) a rabbit at first,’ Kopp told WOODTV.

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