BACK AT IT: Gabby Giffords Relaunches Background Check Push

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They never quit. So we shouldn’t.

On March 4, gun control proponent Gabby Giffords will join Democrat lawmakers to push for expanded background checks on Capitol Hill.

Representative Mike Thompson (D-CA) is spearheading the push.

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According to the AP, the push faces an uphill battle due to GOP majorities in the House and Senate, as well as NRA opposition to any new gun control.

The NRA argues that expanding background checks will neither stop criminals from getting guns nor stop them from committing crimes with guns. They will either steal their guns like Adam Lanza did, buy their guns via a black market like the Paris and Copenhagen attackers did, or pass a background check and then commit their heinous crimes anyway like James Holmes (Aurora theater gunman), Elliot Rodger (Santa Barbara gunman), and Jared Loughner (Gabby Giffords’ gunman) did.

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