IT’S BACK: Woman Drops Dead ‘Bleeding from Nose and Mouth’, Speculated to be Ebola

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Just when you think you’re in the clear, Ebola is back in the news headlines. This is not good.

There are new fears of a possible Ebola outbreak in New York City after a woman who was being monitored for the deadly virus dropped dead on Tuesday afternoon.

FDNY activated the Special Operations and Hazmat units after the the woman, who had traveled to Guinea three weeks ago according to a source on the scene, died at Amy Professional African Hair Braidig in the Brownsville area of Brooklyn.

An eyewitness who saw the body said there was blood coming from her ‘face, nose and mouth.’

A worker at Amy Professional African Hair Braidig said they were still open for business on Tuesday evening despite this incident.

‘Everything is business as normal,’ a male worker, who asked to not be identified, told MailOnline.

The same man said the woman, believed to be in her early forties, was visiting the owner of the establishment, Amy Cisse, and confirmed she had recently traveled from West Africa.

‘She was in Guinea three weeks ago and they were monitoring her,’ he said.

‘We were told she had had a heart attack, but now we are hearing that she may be tested for Ebola.’

The woman, who was born in Guinea according to the worker at the salon, was not a health care worker, and therefore did not have to be under the 21-day home quarantine required of those individuals introduced by New York’s Governor Cumo in October.

Late Tuesday evening however, a Hazmat team was back on the scene to run tests, setting up shop across the street from the establishment.

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