Bad To The Bone: Dutch Biker Gang Goes To War Against ISIS


This Dutch biker gang has apparently headed to the front lines to fight off ISIS with the Kurds. Check it out.

Members of the No Surrender Motorcycle Club, a Dutch biker gang, have reportedly joined up with Kurds fighting ISIS in Northern Iraq and Syria, and a Dutch public prosectutor in The Hague (yes, that The Hague) is apparently totally on board with this plan.

I honestly have no idea how a club made up of what entirely appears to be slightly-older-than-middle-aged men is actually going to fight the international terror, murder, and enslavement group, but gosh darn it, they’re doing it, according to Agence France-Presse:

The head of No Surrender, Klaas Otto, told state broadcaster NOS that three members who travelled to near Mosul in northern Iraq were from Dutch cities Amsterdam, Rotterdam and Breda.

A photograph on a Dutch-Kurdish Twitter account shows a tattooed Dutchman called Ron in military garb, holding a Kalashnikov assault rifle while sat with a Kurdish comrade.

And the best part about this whole story is that there’s something uniquely Dutch about the whole thing. It’s very law-and-order focused, yet surprisingly lax at the same time.

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