Bad Mom: 4 Children Found Malnourished and Living in Feces Ridden Home, Mother Accused of Child Abuse

bad momFour young children who could only communicate in grunts when they were discovered living in a feces-ridden home had been known to child welfare for more than a year, it has emerged.

Caseworkers and police officers had even visited the home in Denver, Colorado but concluded the boys – who had to sleep on urine-soaked beds with no sheets – were ‘fine’, police reports show.

Records also reveal that there were previous child abuse convictions against the parents, while a lawyer who works opposite the apartment block said his complaints to child services were ignored.

The boys, aged two, four, five and six, were found living in horrendous conditions with their father, Wayne Sperling, 66, on September 29.

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The children were not toilet trained, could only communicate using ‘infant-like noises’ and were so badly neglected it was impossible to tell which was the oldest, a police report noted.

Police checked on the home after the children’s mother, Lorinda Bailey, sparked concern during a trip to the doctors and found two inches of cat feces under the bunk bed where the boys had slept.

Now it has emerged that the family was known to child welfare, but authorities would not comment on how the case slipped through the cracks for so long, the Denver Post reported.

Bailey had previously lost her parental rights to three older children four years ago, the Post said.

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