BADASS: Trump Spends Time at Shooting Range Before Meeting with Police–Shoots ‘MILITARISTIC STYLE’ Rifle

Trump seems to be a good shot. During his time at the range a sheriff claimed ‘the man can shoot’. This is the kind of image our president needs to show. Not some dandy riding a bicycle with a helmet on.

Donald Trump fired off an M-4 rifle on Thursday as he took his ‘law and order’ appeal to a gun range at a North Carolina police lodge.

But his campaign team wouldn’t release a photo he took with police officers who joined him at the shooting range, and individual officers weren’t allowed to shoot their own pictures with the presidential candidate, an officer told

Early reviews are that Trump was right on target when he aimed and fired.

‘He fired several shots. I saw two for-sure bullseyes. At the distance we were I couldn’t tell you there wasn’t more,’ Ron ‘Duck’ Wyatt, the mayor of nearby Troutman told

‘It was excellent marksmanship,’ the former firearms instructor for police and civilians added.

Iredell County sheriff Darren Campbell vouched for Trump’s skills while introducing the mogul to a supportive crowd of police officers. ‘I gotta say this man can shoot,’ he said.

But the Trump-backing cops weren’t thrilled that they weren’t allowed to snap photos with Trump on the shooting range itself.

‘There was no photos done down there. That was kind of like a QT thing,’ Ken Shawyer, the retired assistant police chief of nearby Statesville explained. ‘We were all kinda like … They didn’t want anybody taking photos or nothing. I don’t know what that’s about.’

The Trump camp declined to release a photo Trump took with a small group of officers who accompanied him during the target practice.

Trump himself boasted about the shooting practice at the top of his remarks to the officers. ”We just went down the range and had a little shooting practice,’ he said.

Sheriff Campbell told reporters Trump shot an M-4 at the rural range, off a gravel road near Lake Norman, where Trump mentioned he owns property.

‘I can tell you he shot quite well. He did a good. He is obviously proficient. It showed,’ Campbell told afterward.

During his brief remarks, Trump predicted he would clean up among cops – perhaps not losing a single vote from law enforcement.


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