BANG: Good Samaritan Comes to Defense of Woman In Need, See Why He Did It [WATCH]

carjackershooting_featuredGood job dude! Ladies, carry a gun; learn how to fight. Guys like this aren’t always around.

A Good Samaritan shot a would-be carjacker in Georgia as the woman whose vehicle was being stolen jumped on the hood and tried to stop the thief from driving away.

The incident occurred on Friday at a Smyrna, Georgia, car wash, when a woman jumped on the hood of her white Honda as a group of men were attempting to steal it. Surveillance video showed the woman clinging to the car after one of four suspects got in and began to drive away. The driver picked up speed as he attempted to flee the scene, but the Good Samaritan — identified as a city worker who was getting his car washed — noticed the theft unfolding and ran after the car with his gun drawn.

Just seconds later, the armed man shot the driver and thwarted the attempted carjacking. The woman was able to safely slide off the hood, but witnesses said she might not have been so lucky had the Good Samaritan not intervened.

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