‘ONLY THE BEGINNING’: Jordan Tells ISIS They’re Just Warming Up

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Love it! Obama should be taking notes.

A wave of airstrikes against ISIS was just “the beginning” of Jordan’s retaliation for the burning death of a fighter pilot, its military declared while promising to attack the Islamist militants “until they are destroyed.”

Up to 20 Jordanian F-16 fighter jets carried out airstrikes against ISIS in Syria on Thursday, then flew over the hometown of the pilot murdered by militants — a coordinated and public show of defiance in response to the horrific killing of Muath al-Kasasbeh.

ISIS on Tuesday released a video showing the pilot, who was captured over Syria in December, being burned alive in a cage.

Jordan’s military released a video late Thursday showing its fighter jets preparing for the airstrikes, with military personnel writing slogans on missiles in chalk including: “You are the enemy of [true] Muslims.”

It also released a statement pledging to continue with “the killing of evil where it hides,” saying the airstrikes were carried out “in response to the criminal, cowardly act … that was carried out by a treacherous and tyrannical gang against the body of our pure martyr.”

“This is the beginning… you will know who the Jordanians are,” it said.

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