‘I BELIEVE IN DEMOCRACY’: Nicole Kidman Doubles Down on Her Statement About Trump

screen-shot-2017-01-14-at-11-02-38-amGoodness people, can’t a person come out supporting someone without having hate shoved their way? Guess not. She wants Trump to do well, this is her country, she doesn’t want to see it in ruins. She believes in “democracy and the American Constitution.” Trump was voted in because of those things. She accepts that! Others have a hard time seeing that.

Fans from both sides of the aisle were shocked when she decided to speak out about the election.

And now Nicole Kidman has decided to clarify remarks she made during a BBC interview which seemed to suggest she was a Donald Trump supporter.

The 49-year-old Moulin Rouge actress talked to Access Hollywood on Friday in a bid to set the record straight.

‘I was trying to stress that I believe in democracy and the American Constitution, and it was that simple,’ she told Liz Hernandez.

When pressed for further comment on the issue, the Oscar winner stated ‘I’m out of it now; that’s what I said and it’s that simple.’

WHOA: Nicole Kidman Just Came Out SUPPORTING President-elect Trump [WATCH]


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