BERNIE CAN’T TAKE A HINT: Continues His Race Towards the White House after Super Tuesday Defeat

Screen Shot 2016-03-02 at 10.08.02 AMWaste of time and money? Most likely…

Bernie Sanders isn’t giving up on his political revolution just yet.

Sanders, who has vowed to stay in the race until voters in each of the 50 states has had their say, signaled Wednesday that he’s prepared for a long, drawn-out primary battle with Hillary Clinton, even as the former secretary of state took a commanding lead on Tuesday night.

“We’re going forward and this is a campaign to win,” Sanders campaign manager Jeff Weaver told reporters at a press breakfast on Wednesday.

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Super Tuesday, Sanders’ chief strategist Tad Devine said, was “perhaps the best day on the calendar for Hillary Clinton.”

“There are a lot of good days ahead in this nominating process for Bernie Sanders,” Devine added, pointing to upcoming contests in Nebraska, Kansas and Maine as key opportunities for his candidate.

While Sanders won his home state of Vermont, as well as Oklahoma, Colorado and Minnesota, Clinton took the majority of the Super Tuesday wins, including in delegate-rich places like Virginia and Texas.

Clinton has at least 1,005 pledged and super delegates, while Sanders has at least 373, but Sanders campaign staffers said they believed he can close the pledged delegate gap with Clinton by June.

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