BERNIE’S SPEECH ON GUN-CONTROL: Had the Audience Fainting… Literally

Screen Shot 2016-02-04 at 7.05.59 AMYou know you’re talking about bad policies when people in your audience start fainting. Check it.

Bernie Sanders rushed to a man who fainted on stage as he gave a speech on gun control.

The loud noise as he collapsed made Senator Sanders flinch and exclaim ‘Oh my God’ in front of the crowd, as he spoke in New Hampshire ahead of the state’s primary elections.

The candidate immediately rushed towards the man as others stood around, and the whole incident was being live streamed at the time.

It happened just a minute into the stream, as he was talking about how his support for gun safety laws, which is always a divisive issue in American politics.

Moments before the fall, he was saying: ‘I may well have lost an election in 1988 running for Congress because I said military-type assault weapons should not be sold in the United States.

‘The gun people said, “you can vote for anybody, don’t vote for Bernie Sanders”.’

Sanders asked for a doctor when he arrived at the man’s side. The man lay on the ground for 30 seconds before he was helped up and led off the stage.

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