BEST OF BOTH WORLDS? ‘Gender Fluid’ Entertainer is Eligible for Male AND Female Oscar Categories

Isn’t this technically degrading to Kelly Mantel? Here is a man who is doing his very best to look like a woman and be identified as a woman, but will still be considered for the male nomination. Mantel is the first person ever to get in both categories. Hopefully he wins the male nomination… this is a deranged world we live in folks.

By Kiri Blakeley

A ‘gender fluid’ performer has made Academy Award history by being eligible for both the best actor and best actress award categories.

Kelly Mantle, 40, who was born as a man but identifies as male or female, was submitted by producers in both gender categories, according to The Wrap.

Mantle plays a transgender prostitute named Ginger in the comedy ‘Confessions of a Womanizer’ starring Andrew Lawrence, C. Thomas Howell, Jillian Rose Reed, and Gary Busey. 

The film, directed by Miguel Ali, won best narrative feature film and best director at the 2014 Los Angeles Underground Film Festival, and best feature film at the Tupelo Film Festival, Twin Rivers Media Festival and High Desert Film Festival, in 2014.

The movie had its Oscar qualifying run in Los Angeles on Wednesday.



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