BIASED MUCH: Christie Bridge Gate Scandal Bigger Deal for MSM than Benghazi

CHRISTIECommenting on Governor Christie’s bridge scandal, late night comedian Jay Leno said “The ironic thing is now that Christie is denying everything he sounds even more presidential, doesn’t he?”

That would be literally true if he was also a democrat, however in reality Christie goes far above recent “presidential standards” on how to properly handle a crisis. In less than 24 hours, the governor adequately investigated, gave the guilty a chance to confess, and took appropriate action by firing his chief aid, while asking for the resignation of Bill Stepien, one of his closest advisors.

Even though the media celebrates that they finally have a republican “scandal”, they may regret it when the American people begin making comparisons to their beloved leader’s actions.

For instance, let’s compare Christie’s response to Obama’s response on the IRS tea party scandal. After years of tea party non-profits complaining about being targeted by the IRS, and even being broadcast by the mainstream media several times, it was not until early this week that Obama “took action” and appointed a partisan crony to begin the investigations.

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Despite promising 8 months ago to saying it was “outrageous, and there’s no place for it. And they have to be held fully accountable.” Benghazi was denied for months by the Obama administration, and then dismissed by Hillary Clinton who responded, “At this point, what does it matter?”

Then there’s Obamacare. From the botched roll-out to the lies and broken promises, like saying the average family of 4 will see their healthcare cost reduced by $2,500 a year, when it will probably increase more than $2,500 a year. The best indication of it’s success would be that while millions have lost their coverage, the administration has to beg for a success story.

Obamacare will likely cause an early death for millions, and is there any reason to think, with the IRS running the “death panels”, that the conservative targeting will end?

While some are trying to make this appear as the biggest scandal since Watergate, I ask them to compare the deaths, and number rights violated to Obama’s Benghazi, Fast and Furious, Obamacare…etc. Without exception Obama has protected and often promoted criminals who need only stay loyal to him, unless you’re a general.

Number of known White House scandals: 504. Number of people fired: 0. Amount of taxpayer dollars wasted: Incalculable.

In an interesting turn of events, a group is preparing to sue Governor Christie for “criminal conspiracy to deprive people of their rights, and criminal obstructing of commerce, and criminal obstruction of government function.” Saying that Christie and his staff “abused their powers.” If Christie is guilty he should pay the price.

Let’s hold our President to the same standards.


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