Biden Caught on HOT MIC Discussing His Post-White House Plans — You’ll be IMPRESSED?

Biden just might be the only likable politician coming out of the Obama administration, and that is a very slim likability. After catching him on a hot mic, however, on his post-White House plans, you just might like him a little bit more. Check this out.


Vice President Biden on Tuesday discussed on a live TV microphone his unconfirmed post-White House plans to continue his efforts on the “cancer moonshot” and to work out of the University of Pennsylvania on foreign policy.

Speaking after the ceremony to swear in the new Senate, Biden was heard on a hot mic telling a woman that he plans “to continue the cancer work” through what he called “the Biden Trust,” according to audio from C-SPANthat was clipped by Quartz’s David Yanofsky.

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“It’s not so much about raising money or philanthropy, though there will be some of that, but it’s more about keeping these guys cooperating and changing the culture,” the vice president said at the Capitol.

Biden then responded to an inaudible question from the woman.


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