Big Trouble: Teacher Takes Student to ER and Pays for Hospital Bill, Lands Herself in Hot Water with School Admins

Tennessee teacher Jennifer Mitts says she was forced to resign from her post at Red Bank High School after taking a student to the emergency room and footing the bill. However, officials at the school say they were only threatening to temporarily suspend the educator for her actions, and that she resigned voluntarily.

Mitts reportedly took an ill 20-year-old student, who did not have health insurance, to the emergency room, according to area news station WTVC-TV. Upon learning of her actions, Mitts told the outlet that school officials “dictated to (me) what (I) should write in the resignation letter, including forcing (me) to waive (my) right to a hearing.”

However, Stacey Stewart, assistant superintendent of human resources for the district, said that Mitts resigned on her own and that she was never forced to waive her rights, according to local outlet WDEF-TV. She also said that Mitts has been in trouble for similar issues in the past and had been warned not to take students in her car from campus.

“It’s a liability issue. It’s an issue of insubordination after doing something you were officially warned not to do and doing it again. It’s an issue of neglect of duty because the classroom was left unattended. There’s several issues,” Stewart said.

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