Bill Clinton Claims He ‘Didn’t Worry Too Much’ When He Saw Hillary Collapse

He didn’t worry much because he doesn’t really care that much about Hillary. With the strange marriage they are in, he probably would prefer her home sick, not keeping tabs on him.

Bill Clinton shrugged off Hillary’s pneumonia diagnosis on Thursday night’s edition of ‘The Daily Show,’ adding that her famous collapse didn’t ‘worry’ him.

‘Big deal, she had pneumonia – people get get it all the time!’ he chuckled to host Trevor Noah, adding that he wasn’t afraid when he saw her collapse on Sunday because he knew ’90 per cent of the time people are just dehydrated’

‘I didn’t worry too much about it,’ he explained, ‘and sure enough the doctor examined her and that’s what she said.’

‘But (the doctor) also said you have pneumonia, and it used to be called, when I was young, “walking pneumonia,” but sometimes you can’t walk any more and you gotta rest, and that’s what she did,’ he added.

Much of his time on the show, however, was spent talking about the fearsome contest between Clinton and Trump, characterized by Noah as ‘an outsider – a man who doesn’t believe in logic and ideas.’

Clinton said that America is in a stronger position now than it has been in the past.

However, he added, that could all change if the public chooses what he characterized as Trump’s politics of hatred and fear over his wife’s own campaign in November.

If he were 25 again, Clinton said, and he were given the chance to spend the next 30 years in any country, he would choose America ‘because we’re in a better position.

‘But if we give in to this “lowest common denominator, everybody’s our enemy, tell me something bad or I don’t wanna know, let’s divide or demean or demonize,” we could blow it all… That’s why the election’s so important.’

It was a serious monologue, although he did take the time to quip that being 25 again is ‘like “Make America Great Again,” – I’d like to be, but I wouldn’t vote for anybody who promised to make me 25!’

Clinton, who grew up in rural Arkansas, also said that ‘his people’ were ‘being played now because their incomes are down.’

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