Bill Clinton Judges to Determine if Trump’s Travel Ban Will Go Forward

It seems like Trump’s Travel Ban has a snowflakes’ chance in hell.

Going up against a federal appeals court, Monday marks the day arguments on President Donald Trump’s temporary travel ban on people entering the United States from six Muslim-majority countries begins.

This is the second appeals court to review the directive over the past week.

Yes, we are talking about the 9th US Circuit Court of Appeals. The panel, made up of three judges, all have Bill Clinton to thank for their jobs.

Sounds like they’re going to be partisan, doesn’t it?

They plan to review a Hawaii judge’s ruling that blocked parts of the Republican president’s revised executive order on travel.

That court is largely made up of Democrats, and the judges’ questioning appeared to break along partisan lines. A ruling has not yet been released.

Arguing that the United States needed to tighten national security measures, Trump’s attempt to limit travel was one of his first major acts in office.

The fate of the ban is one indication of whether the Republican can carry out his promises to be tough on immigration and national security.

Opponents – including the state of Hawaii and civil rights groups – say that both the first ban and the revised ban discriminate against Muslims.

The government argues the text of the order does not mention any specific religion and is needed to protect the country against attacks.

The hearing is taking place in Seattle.

Inevitably, the U.S. Supreme Court is likely to be the ultimate decider.

However, the high court won’t take up the issue for several months.

Meanwhile, due to their delays, America is still susceptible to terror attacks from these supposed ‘refugees’.


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