BILL DE BLASIO: Plans to DELETE Database of Illegal Aliens in NY to ‘Protect’ Them From Trump…

Another politician deleting documents they should not delete. Pretty sure his actions are illegal; that’s a guess, but don’t think it’s too far off base. Why are Democrats so set on protecting undocumented immigrants to the USA? You want to come to this country, do it legally and through our system.

A database containing the identity of undocumented immigrants living in New York City would not be opened up to a Trump administration without a “real fight,” the city’s mayor said on Thursday.

Mayor Bill de Blasio, speaking at a news conference the day after President-elect Donald Trump’s stunning electoral victory, also left open the possibility that the database, which holds personal information from the more than 850,000 New Yorkers who have a city municipal identification card, could be scrubbed.

The IDNYC card was introduced in 2015 as a free and official proof of identification that could be obtained with limited documentation — making it accessible to the nearly half million city residents without legal immigration status.

The personal information of cardholders, including addresses and dates of birth, is stored on encrypted databases and servers, according to the city. It cannot be disclosed to federal law enforcement or immigration authorities without permission from the city’s human resources administration. Applicants do not have to disclose their immigration status to receive a card.

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Mayor: Privacy is going to be respected

Trump has not inquired into the city’s database publicly, but his statements throughout the campaign have made many fearful that he will act on his words.

Early in his campaign, in 2015, Trump announced that he would deport all of the approximately 11 million undocumented immigrants in the US by creating a “deportation task force” within Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

He later altered his plan and said he would be “focused on identifying and quickly removing the most dangerous criminal illegal aliens in America.” He said he would boost the ranks of agents to enforce existing laws. Trump has said he is against any amnesty for the undocumented.

“[Trump] can change some federal laws but the Constitution protects a lot of the rights and powers of localities,” de Blasio said.


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