BILLY COSBY BREAKS SILENCE… and Social Media Shows No Mercy for Him

Screen Shot 2016-01-01 at 9.43.13 AMShould have just stayed quiet, Bill. You don’t exactly have a lot of fans out there now.

The alleged victim in the sexual assault case brought against Bill Cosby has broken her silence, speaking for the first time since the actor was arraigned in a Pennsylvania courtroom on Wednesday.

Andrea Constand, the Temple University employee who accused Cosby of drugging and then sexually assaulting her in January 2004, wrote on Twitter; ‘Let’s all stay classy plz! That includes anybody who may be inserting their opinion as to whether anything was fully investigated period.’

The level-headed statement and call for calm from the 42-year-old comes as many in the entertainment industry have taken to social media to bash the actor and celebrate the fact that he has finally been charged with a felony.

Mia Farrow led the way on Wednesday, retweeting news that Cosby would be charged and an editorial on the staggering number of women who have come forward accusing him of sexual assault before writing on Twitter; ‘What’s this about Bill Cosby and Woody Allen?’

Farrow accused Allen of sexually abusing their adopted daughter in 1992, the same year the two split after 13 years together and the director began a relationship with Soon-Yi Previn, Farrow’s 21-year-old adopted daughter.

Allen denied Farrow’s claims about their adopted daughter and was never charged with a crime.

He and Soon-Yi were married in 1997, when she was 26 and he was 62, and the couple have two adopted daughters.

Then, in February 2014, Allen’s adopted daughter, now 29, wrote about the alleged sexual abuse in an open letter that ran inThe New York Times.

‘He told me to lay on my stomach and play with my brother’s electric train set. Then he sexually assaulted me,’ wrote the daughter about Allen.

She also said in the letter; ‘For as long as I could remember, my father had been doing things to me that I didn’t like.’

Allen again denied the claims, and published his own open letter in The New York Times, writing; ‘Being taught to hate your father and made to believe he molested you has already taken a psychological toll on this lovely young woman, and Soon-Yi and I are both hoping that one day she will understand who has really made her a victim and reconnect with us.’

The love and admiration for Allen in the entertainment industry has long angered those who believe he did commit these alleged acts against his daughter.

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Plea: 'Let's all stay classy plz!' wrote Contrand, who also asked that people not insert their opinions during the investigation

Allegations: Farrow accused Allen of sexually assaulting their adopted daughter in 1992, though the director was never charged with a crime

Strong words: Girls star Lena Dunham wrote about Cosby on Twitter earlier this week

Vocal: Judd Apatow has been one of Cosby's biggest opponents on social media

Positive: Apatow's tweet spoke to Cosby's alleged victims as well

Praise: Amy Schumer thanked a fan who congratulated her on a skit she did skewering Cosby on her show this season

Mother and son: Farrow's son Ronan also gave his opinion on the Cosby allegations 


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