Bipartisan Support of Banning Bump Stocks Grow with House Lawmakers

After the mass shooting in Vegas, taking place on Oct. 1, 2017, it was revealed the shooter used a device called a “bump stock” to modify his rifles to allow more rapid fire. House Speaker Paul Ryan stated that a change in the law is “something we need to look into.” The NRA has also said bump stocks ‘should be subject to new regulation,’ Bloomberg reports.

Now, lawmakers in the House have put forth a bipartisan legislation to completely ban the devices. Technically the bump stock has the capability to turn a semiautomatic rifle to “fully automatic” or at least dangerously close to one.

Typically Democrats and Republicans stand on polar opposites when it comes to gun legislation, this issue however is an anomaly causing both parties to support a ban.

‘The measure, which was introduced Tuesday with 10 co-sponsors from each party, would ban the manufacture, sale and use of “bump stocks.” In the past, GOP lawmakers have opposed gun restrictions while Democrats have advocated them,’ Bloomberg reports.

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But this isn’t exactly a gun restriction in essence. Lawmakers are just banning a device that is unnecessary and dangerous. If a law abiding citizen wants to obtain a fully automatic weapon, there are systems and requirements in place for that.

The bump stock was created as a loophole, so that people don’t have to jump through the hoops to attain the necessary licenses. As we can see from the Vegas shooting, it enabled one man to inflict serious damage.

Sponsors for this bipartisan legislation are Republican Carlos Curbelo of Florida and Democrat Seth Moulton of Massachusetts.


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