Bitter and soulless: Have a very Leftist Christmas

cookeImagine my surprise to be browsing the jumped up pages of the New Statesman website, chortling to myself about how Mehdi Hasan still thinks ‘the neocons’ are out to get him, when what should I stumble upon but an embittered blogpost presumably ranting about feminism.

Or so the New Statesman (NS) would have you think when it sub-titled Rachel Cooke’s article, “Why are so many adverts dishing up stale Seventies sexism this festive season?”

But in true fashion, the NS and Cooke herself are playing their part in the big Leftist humbug over Winterval Christmas by focusing on the integral topic of… television adverts.

It’s not a rant that any great feminist would be proud of. Indeed it’s only until you get about 70 percent through the article that Cooke even begins to mention why her gender feels ‘martyred’ (yes, that’s right – martyred) by Christmas.

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For the majority of her article, she vomits in prose about how much she hates the Daily Mail, Christmas and adverts in general. If anyone wants to make both Rachel and the readers of the New Statesman’s lives more enjoyable, I suggest someone buy her…



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