BIZARRE: EU Depicted As ‘Fairy Godmother’ In New Pro-Migrant Cartoon, But That’s Not All!

We all know that the EU is very pro-migrant, despite the crime and terrorist wave spreading across the continent.

But they have gone so far as to make a cartoon depicting themselves as the saving grace to migrant, leading them to Western Europe after the “racist” Eastern Europeans refuse to welcome them.

Oh, did we mention that “saving grace” EU is a fairy godmother? And she leads them on a flying carpet?

No, we aren’t making it up, check it out.

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The video titled Eurodame, Help!, is a Européens Sans Frontières (Europeans Without Borders) production sponsored by the European Commission, the French government, and third-party groups such as the Fondation Hippocrène.

And guess who is behind Fondation Hippocrène. Not sure? Take a look at this…

Fondation Hippocrène is a non-profit organisation which has funded a number of projects alongside George Soros‘s Open Society Foundations network and says its mission is to “promote the construction of genuine European citizenship” by targeting young people.


Yep, did you guess right? By this point, Soros is the answer it seems to all of the Left’s agendas.

Since the film is in French, let’s break it down for you.

It opens up with a migrant man, his hijab-clad wife, and their two children. They are in a bombing and run to try and find safety.

They approach a gateway of a forbidding wall with the words FRONTEX above the opening.

(A forbidding wall. Think they were trying to send a message with that one?)

The EU Border Agency (Frontex) official is shooing away a young man and a people-smuggler before letting the family through.

Then enters the EU fairy. Red hipster glasses and all!


She asks the migrants to follow her to a tent, where an Arab-looking man gives them “passage to Europe” on, you guessed it, a flying carpet.

Who comes up with this stuff?!

A celestial compass appears in the night sky to guide the migrants and the fairy and they land in a city that appears to be representing Eastern Europe. There, they are greeted by a crowd of racist white men shouting that they don’t want asylum seekers.

“But it’s their right!” the EU fairy screams. But the men keep shouting and so they leave.

Then they land in a place that is depicted as Western Europe and are received with open arms.

“Welcome. We really need you,” a European man tells the migrant man.

“Thank you,” the migrant man replies. “Long live Europe.”

The end shows the migrant family sitting down to dinner with a European family and a child narrator asking, “Europe protects her borders and Europeans open their hearts to refugees. And you?”

This is just one big, happy fairy tale to those in support of this video. Do they not pay attention to the world around them?

Judging by this film, they don’t seem to notice or care.


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